Welcome to FeeSmart! The smartest way to avoid paying ATM fees.

Developed by First Data, owners of the Cashcard ATM network – Australia’s largest independent ATM network - FeeSmart is the name of our ATM direct charge-free network.

What does that mean?

If you’re a customer of a financial institution participating in FeeSmart you now have the ability to use a Cashcard branded ATM, found in over 5,300 convenient locations across Australia, in the same way that you would use an ATM belonging to your own financial institution – without paying an ATM direct charge.

What is ATM Direct Charging?

An ATM direct charge is a fee that cardholders will be charged when using a foreign (or other bank) ATM. The fee is set by the Owner of the ATM and may change depending on the time of day or the location of the ATM.

ATM Direct Charging came into effect on the 3rd March 2009. From this date onward you will see a fee on screen every time you attempt an ATM transaction at an ATM that does not belong to your financial institution. The screen will give you the option to accept the fee and continue the transaction, or decline the fee and cancel with no penalty.

The purpose of ATM Direct Charging is to drive choice and transparency of fees, which should lead to greater competition in the ATM industry.

Who is First Data?

First Data makes buying and selling easier. Many of you do business with First Data everyday, although you may not realise it. Whether you're writing a cheque at the petrol station, using your ATM/debit card to pay for groceries, buying a book online, getting cash out of an ATM, paying for dinner with your credit card, or using a gift card to purchase something special.


What is the Cashcard ATM Network?

Chances are that the last time you used a non-bank ATM to withdraw cash, perform a balance enquiry or purchase a movie ticket; you were using a Cashcard® ATM


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